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Capoeira lessons for two

International experience : Belgium
Have you always wanted know what Capoeire actually is? Golden Moments gives you the chance to discover this! This experience includes 3 lessons where you can completely immerse yourself in the Capoeira style!

Give this experience as a gift to a Capoeira fan! During these lessons you will learn the basics of his martial art!
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Capoeira lessons for two
Capoeira lessons for two
Capoeira lessons for two
Capoeira lessons for two
Capoeira lessons for two
Capoeira lessons for two

Capoeira lessons for two:  

The experience

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art created during the time of struggle and dancing of the African people during the slavery in Brazil.Try Capoeira now with a frriend for 3 lessons if 2 hours. Capoeira classes are given in groups of 20. You will start the lesson with a warm-up and stretching before you start with the movements and exercises explained by the master of Capoeira Porto de Minas. 

These 3 lessons of Capoeira will learn you the following movements: Attack, defence, dive away, acrobatic movements and working in groups of 2  capoeiristas. It is also a chance to get to know the Capoeira culture and the the various songs and percussion instruments needed for Capoeira.

You will for exaple discover the following instruments that determine the rythm during the Capoeira Roda:  berimbau, de caxixi, dobrão, de atabaque, de pandeiro, de Agogo en de reco-reco. Under guidance of master Niltinho, the class ends in a capoeira roda, the roda can thus discuss what has been learned during the lesson and at the same time personal capoeirista improvisations occur.

Take advantage of these lessons to improve your psychological strength, coordination and sense of rhythm. Learning capoeira is available for everyone. 

Vital information

Capoeira lessons are available for people between 7 and 77 years old. 

The weather

The Capoeira lessons are not dependent on the weather. 

Session length

This experience includes 3 lessons of 2 hours each. 


This experience is for two persons. 


Spectators are welcome. 

What to wear

The dress code is only an advice. We advise you to wear comfortable clothes for this experience, such as long sweatpants. If there are additional requirements we will alert you to your reservation.


The Capoeira lessons are available all year.


Capoeira lessons are given in different cities in Belgium - ask customer service for more information.

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Capoeira lessons for two:

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8.0 / 10

Ik heb deze les cadeau gekregen van mijn vriendin, omdat mijn beste vriend en ik hier al heel lang fan van zijn, en we hebben een geweldige middag gehad!
Dave van der L.
8 / 10

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  • Our Price $59.56
  • Quantity:
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