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Cave Tour - Hoelloch, Switzerland

International experience : Switzerland
Enjoy a beautiful cave and go on a fantastic discovery journey! Enjoy breathtaking moments in the caves and a day you will never forget!
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Cave Tour - Hoelloch, Switzerland
Cave Tour - Hoelloch, Switzerland
Cave Tour - Hoelloch, Switzerland
Cave Tour - Hoelloch, Switzerland
Cave Tour - Hoelloch, Switzerland
Cave Tour - Hoelloch, Switzerland
Cave Tour - Hoelloch, Switzerland

Cave Tour - Hoelloch, Switzerland:  

The Experience

Are you interested in caves and the life in or under the earth; we have the right experience for you - the Cave Excursion in Hoelloch! Caving is a very special experience that you shouldn't miss. Led by our qualified cave guides, this expedition makes an adventurous and educational trip in an area that has firstly been explored by the pioneers of the Hoelloch research over a century ago. Become an explorer of the the second largest cave system in Europe with around 194 km of known length with this cave-Hoelloch tour. We will guide you through a mysterious, fairytale-like cave landscape. Come and enjoy the Cave Excursion in Hoelloch tour with our Experience Hunters!

Vital Information

The minimum age for the cave excursion event is 10 years.

The Weather

During heavy storms and rains, trips through the caves may be cancelled. In this case you will be able to re-book in with the location.

Session Length

The cave excursion in Hoelloch experience will last approximately 3 and a half hours.


The price is for one person and your experience will be shared with a group of others.


Spectators should purchase additional vouchers.

What To Wear

Please wear good hiking, trekking or climbing boots. The summer and winter temperature is a constant 6 degrees Celsius - please wear appropriate warm clothing.


This cave excursion is available throughout the year.


Schwyz, Switzerland
Code : CH0105

Cave Tour - Hoelloch, Switzerland:

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Cave Tour - Hoelloch, Switzerland: Reviews

Average review
7.0 / 10

Mein Mann hat uns letzte Weihnacht einen Gutschein von Golden Moments geschenkt, den wir nun für dieses Hölloch-Erlebnis eingetauscht haben. War sehr spannend und alle haben es genossen.
Maria K.
7 / 10

Auf Besuch in der Schweiz, hat mir ein Freund dieses Angebot gemacht, mal in einer Höhle eine kleine Tour zu unternehmen. War wirklich interessant, aber eigentlich mag ich diese Enge weniger!
Hannes T.
6 / 10

Hölloch Tour
Die unvergessichlichi Tour im Hölloch münder unbedingt mache. Hani vom Maa gschenkt becho und würd gad nomol go!
8 / 10

Cave Tour - Hoelloch, Switzerland: Review

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Cave Tour - Hoelloch, Switzerland: Availability

The caves excursion Hoelloch tour is available throughout the year.

Cave Tour - Hoelloch, Switzerland: Fascinating Facts

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Cave Tour - Hoelloch, Switzerland: Restrictions

The minimum age for the cave excursion event is 10 years.
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  • Our Price $112.19
  • Quantity:

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