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Co-pilot Drifting in Finland

International experience : Finland
Have you been dreaming about fast cars and extreme sports but never had the chance to try? Well, now you have a great chance by Golden Moments! Try this experience and enjoy amazing ride driven by professional drift driver. Feel like you were in Tokyo Drift movie!
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Co-pilot Drifting in Finland

Co-pilot Drifting in Finland:  

The Experience

The experience starts when you arrive to the experience spot and your gaze falls on the drift car. Sit inside and leave the rest for the driver! The adrenaline flow is amazing while the car is taken to the curves with top speed by the driver. Sideslip next to the railing is exciting experience, like you were a hero of an action piece! The car also has backseats which brings some more excitement to the experience!
The experience includes introduction to drifting, driving overalls, neck support and helmet. You will be given a video and photo of your experience.

Vital Information

Drifting is an extreme sport and the driving is on the limits of the car and the possibility for accidents exists. Customers will be required to sign an accident waiver before the experience.
Participant's height should be 100-195cm and should weigh between 20-100kg.
Drifting cars are modified cars so some mechanical problems may occur. In a case where the car does not function properly, another car is usually on standby. Otherwise the experience date will be changed.

The Weather

Strong rain makes the experience a bit different since the race course is slippery and the speed will be lower. The level of adrenaline will still be the same!

Session Length

Drifting lasts for 20 minutes, but you should expect to be at the venue for longer.


This experience is for one person.


One person can come to see your experience.

What To Wear

Please wear comfortable clothing, all safety equipment will be provided by the location.


May to September


This experience takes place at a number of circuits throughout Finland. Please contact us for more information.


Co-pilot Drifting in Finland:

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  • Our Price $398.04
  • Quantity:
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