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Fighter Jet Flight New York

Experience aerobatic combat manoeuvres and feel like a fighter pilot for the day

You wil be fully briefed and equipped before you take to the skies in a fantatsic L-39 Albatros.
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Fighter Jet Flight New York

Fighter Jet Flight New York:  

The Experience

What could be more thrilling than being at the helm of a fighter jet? There isn't much that compares to this fighter jet flying experience if you are looking for the ultimate thrill. The Aero L-39 Albatros fighter jet is a light ground attack aircraft and is one of the most popular jet training aircrafts on the planet. This fighter jet flight in New York will allow you to soar across the skies above the East Coast of New York, and after a while you will be given the fantastic opportunity to take to the controls and fly a fighter jet yourself!


Your fighter jet experience in New York will take place with a veteran pilot who will make your experience even more amazing. Your fighter pilot experience in New York will include numerous combat manoeuvres including immelmann-turns, deep dive, extreme low pass, steep ascent, rolls, loops, split-s and potentially a tail-chase.


On concluding your fighter jet pilot experience in New York, you'll have a souvenir photo taken with the pilot and the aircraft and will also receive a flight certificate that records your flight achievement, if you already have a log book, bring that along with you to complete. Finally, refresh yourself with a drink and a toast to your fantastic fighter jet adventure in New York.


Vital Information

You must be in very good health to take part in this fighter jet flight in New York, you will need to complete a health declaration before you take to the skies. 


The Weather

This is a weather dependent experience and will be postponed in poor weather conditions. We recommend that if you are travelling to take part in this fighter pilot experience in New York that you book in on your first or second day, as if it is postponed, there will be time to reschedule it before you leave the city.


Session Length

Your flight will last in total for 45 minutes. You will need to go through the briefing and flight plan beforehand and there will be a debrief after your flight, therefore allow most of the day for this fighter jet flight in New York.



This fighter pilot experience voucher is valid for one person to take a fighter jet flight.



You are more than welcome to bring a spectator or two along with you to watch your fighter jet experience in New York.


What to Wear

Wear comfortable clothes, the cockpit is fairly small so bear that in mind.



You can take this fighter jet flight in New York throughout the year.



New York, USA

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Fighter Jet Flight New York:

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  • Our Price $2999.00
  • Quantity:
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