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Learn to Paraglide

International experience : Ireland
Paragliding and Hang gliding is today one of the most popular air sports today. Imagine yourself soaring over the landscape of Ireland with a view you can only dream off.

This Paragliding Taster is perfect for anybody who wants a taste of what is Paragliding. Not only will this taster teach you everything you know about basic Paragliding, but you will also end with a day of paragliding. Do not miss out!
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Learn to Paraglide
Learn to Paraglide
Learn to Paraglide
Learn to Paraglide
Learn to Paraglide
Learn to Paraglide

Learn to Paraglide:  

The Experience

Learn to paraglide over the mountains of Wicklow! Imagine yourself jumping of the mountains of Wicklow and soar over the beautiful landscape of Ireland.Golden Moments now offer the Paragliding Taster experience for the adventurous people! This is an excellent opportunity to try out the fast growing sport that is paragliding.

You will learn to paraglide over two days. Your first day will include ground training to be aware of all the risks and important things you need to know. And on your final day, you will have a full day of Paragliding. Once you start Paragliding, you will not want to stop! So jump off and take paragliding.

Your itinerary includes:
- 1 day of ground training, in preparation for your paragliding
- 1 day of paragliding

Vital Information

The minimum age to learn to paraglide is 18 years old and maximum weight is 105 kg.

The Weather

This experience is weather dependent. The experience only operates when the winds and weather are suitable.

Session Length

You will learn to paraglide for two days. One day of ground training and on the final day if the weather permits, one day of flying. Be aware that the days might not follow each other due to the weather. The training generally starts at 10 am and ends 4-9 pm depending on the time of the year.


One person can learn to paraglide with this voucher


Are allowed, but be aware that the location of the paragliding experiences are usually up on high altitudes and mountains. Spectators are encouraged to purchase additional vouchers to be part of this unique paragliding experience.

What To Wear

Participants must be wearing a good pair of ankle supporting boots, waterproof if possible. Layered wind proof clothing is highly recommended. Except that, dress according the weather and time of the year.


This experience is available all year, weather permitting. The best times are however, March until September.




Learn to Paraglide:

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10.0 / 10

A realy exciting day, I could recommend this to anyone.

T. Fells
T. Fells
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Learn to Paraglide: Availability

The Paragliding Taster experience is available all year, weather permitting. The best times are however, March until September.

Learn to Paraglide: Fascinating Facts

Paragliding can be either a competitive or a recreational flying sport. Paragliders a type of free flying equipment that is usually foot launched. There is a fabric wing, which under the pilot sits in the suspended harness. The format of the wing is formed by suspension lines that under the pressure of air entering created the lift required.

There are many forms of flying, ranging from cross country leagues, accuracy competitions, acro competitions and competing for national and international records.

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Learn to Paraglide: Restrictions

The Paragliding taster experience minimum age is 18 years old and maximum weight is 105 kg.
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  • Our Price $450.79
  • Quantity:
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