People at Golden Moments

The Experience Hunter team of more than thirty special individuals, each and everyone passionate about experiences, all strive to share the mantra; "life should be an experience".

As founders of Golden Moments, we're privileged to be on this amazing journey of experiences. Let us share with you some of our most memorable experiences of being a Golden Moments Experience Hunter.

Simon – enjoying the thrills of Racehorse Ownership at Royal Ascot; skydiving in Australia; pushing his body to it's G-Force limit during the flight of a lifetime in a military Jet Provost; completing a rally driving stage, bungee jumping to glory, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sphereing in Devon, sailing high in the sky on a Champagne hot air balloon flight, racing a Ferrari, Porsche & Lotus at break neck speed, Kayaking, wet n wild white water rafting and of course super fast Racehorse riding.

Paul – trekking 5 hours through the Congo jungle to share an hour with endangered Mountain Gorillas, rafting on the mighty Zambezi, dry-bobsleigh in Austria, micro-light flight over Victoria Falls, diving with Great White Sharks in South Africa, gorge swinging - it's a little like bungee jumping off a cliff-edge at rip-neck speed, sailing through the islands of the Swedish archipelago, walking with lions, hang gliding over sea cliffs and trying to water ski!

Whether it's the activities of adrenaline junkies, participating in the cultures of the globe, Sunday walks in the country, raising a family or enjoying good times with friends, life as an experience hunter is never dull!

Best Wishes
Paul & Simon
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