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Quad for two (2h) - Cáceres

International experience : Spain
Discover Cáceres four wheels!
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Quad for two (2h) - Cáceres

Quad for two (2h) - Cáceres:  


The excitement on wheels. The quads are vehicles with a design similar to motorcycles, but with four wheels of great thickness. Their resilience and strength make them particularly suitable for mountain areas and also very easy to drive. With this experience you will dive deeper into the nature and discover the beauty of this corner Caceres and feel the adrenaline on four wheels!

You need to know

Minimum age 18 years and be in possession of a driving license "B" or "A-2."

Weather conditions

Weather conditions may affect the normal course of business. If an experience is canceled, it will be for their own safety.


2 hours.

Many people

This activity is for two people.


Experience is generally not allowed visitors, given the difficulty of their power to track the activity.

What to wear

Having comfortable clothes, and warm if we are in cold weather, with heavy boots support and resistance, and rainwear. Note that at the end of the Experience will have mud all over their clothing, especially boots. Bring clothes so after the activity.

Code : QBCAC2

Quad for two (2h) - Cáceres:

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Quad for two (2h) - Cáceres: Reviews

Average review
8.0 / 10

Geweldige ervaring!
Ik had nog nooit eerder op zo'n ding gereden, maar ik vond het echt super! echt een aanrader.
8 / 10

Quad for two (2h) - Cáceres: Review

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  • Our Price $232.13
  • Quantity:
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