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Oxygen Treatment Experience

International experience : Spain

Relaxing experience for one.

Step into a world of rejuvenation with Golden Moments and treat yourself or surprise a loved one with our Oxygen Treatment Experience. This unique and invigorating offering is more than just a break – it's a chance to breathe in freshness and create lasting memories.

Picture this: a serene atmosphere where you're surrounded by the soothing essence of our Oxygen Treatment. Whether you're seeking a well-deserved self-care escape or planning a delightful surprise for someone special, this experience is designed to bring relaxation and a touch of excitement to your evening.

Our skilled practitioners will guide you through the session, explaining the multitude of benefits that come with oxygen treatment – from enhanced relaxation to increased vitality. Choose from a variety of aromatherapy scents to tailor the experience to your preferences, transforming the session into a sensory delight.

Beyond the immediate refreshment, the Oxygen Treatment is a holistic approach to wellness. It's known to improve circulation, promote better sleep, and even alleviate symptoms of headaches and migraines. Feel the stress of the day dissipate as you inhale the enriched air, leaving you with a renewed sense of vitality and well-being.

Whether you're unwinding solo or sharing the experience with a companion, our Oxygen Treatment is a breath of fresh air for your overall wellness. It's not just a treatment; it's an extraordinary journey toward relaxation and revitalization. So, join us and let the excitement of the Oxygen Treatment Experience envelop you in a world of well-deserved tranquility.
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Oxygen Treatment Experience
Oxygen Treatment Experience
Oxygen Treatment Experience
Oxygen Treatment Experience
Oxygen Treatment Experience

Oxygen Treatment Experience:  

The Experience
In a 3-story premises located in the historic center of Zaragoza. On the third floor there is a 14th century wine cellar where, listening to the best chill out music, you can taste pure oxygen.It includes 3 oxygen sessions of 20 minutes each and a bottle of water to choose from the world's water menu.

What you need to know
The minimum age is 18yrs old. 

The Weather
The weather does not affect this experience.

One hour.

One person. 

Spectators are not allowed.

What to Wear
Wear whatever you are comfortable in.

Jueves, Viernes y Sábados de 20.00 a 4:30 horas. Thursdays, Fridays & Saturday's 8PM-4.30PM

Zaragoza, Spain


Oxygen Treatment Experience:

Oxygen Treatment Experience: Reviews

Average review
9.0 / 10

fue muy relajante
te sientes super bien, sales como nuevo del bar
9 / 10

Oxygen Treatment Experience: Review

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  • Our Price $45.87
  • Quantity:
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