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3 Private Golf Lessons

International experience : Ireland
Have you thought about improving your golf game? Golden moments now offer various golf packages for you to improve your golf game. With this 3 private golf lessons you will soon realise how much there is to learn about golfing. In a couple of weeks your game will have got much better and golfing has never been more fun!
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3 Private Golf Lessons
3 Private Golf Lessons
3 Private Golf Lessons
3 Private Golf Lessons
3 Private Golf Lessons

3 Private Golf Lessons:  

The Experience

Take 3 private golf lessons to improve your golfing skills. This 3 lesson package is perfect for the golf enthusiast and will guarantee you to improve your game. With fully qualified instructors you will soon realise the fun of golfing! Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world, and to improve your game you have to understand the essentials of the game, such as putting, driving, chipping, bunker play etc. Once you finished your lesson, you will have your own video analysis to watch afterwards.


- 3 private golf lessons of 60 minutes each.

- Your own private golf teacher during these lessons.

Vital Information

This private golf lesson package is suitable for tthose with a minimum age of 18 years only.

The Weather

This golf experience is not weather dependent, however in extreme weather the experience might be rescheduled.

Session Length

The golf lessons are 60 minutes per lesson, with total of 3 lessons.


This experience is a set of 3 one to one private lessons and will not be shared with other participants.


Spectators are allowed on the driving range, but are unfortunately not allowed on the golf course.

What To Wear

The dress code for golfing is good shoes, preferably sport shoes. Jeans are not allowed. Golf Clubs will be provided. If you have your own equipment, you are more than welcome to bring them.


This experience is available from April to November, all days of the week except Sundays.


Co. Wicklow

Code : IEGOLF3

3 Private Golf Lessons:

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3 Private Golf Lessons: Availability

This experience is available from April to November, all days of the week except Sundays.

3 Private Golf Lessons: Fascinating Facts

The word golf originates from the Scottish statute on forbidden games as gouf. It was mentioned the first time in writing in 1947, and possibly from the scots word goulf, meaning "to strike or cuff". This word may, in turn originates from the Dutch word kolf, with the translation "bat" or "club" and the Dutch sport of the same name. But you can also find an even earlier reference to the game of Golf and it is believed when King James II in 1452 banned the game because it kept his subjects from their archery practice.

There is also a urban legend, saying the the word Golf comes from an acronym, meaning "Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden". This is however a false etymology as acronyms being used as words is a fairly modern phenomenon.

3 Private Golf Lessons: Not sure yet

3 Private Golf Lessons: Restrictions

This Golf package is designed for the minimum age of 18 years only.
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  • Our Price $295.15
  • Quantity:
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