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Balloon flight in Flanders

International experience : Belgium

Experience what it's like to fly high above the ground and enjoy the beautiful view!

This experience offers you an unforgettable balloon flight! You can book this balloon flight in the morning or in the evening and see how the world below you awakes or goes to sleep.

A balloon flight is an excellent gift to give, but also to get! Let your loved ones enjoy the view that Flanders has to offer and they will experience an unforgettable experience!
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Balloon flight in Flanders
Balloon flight in Flanders
Balloon flight in Flanders
Balloon flight in Flanders
Balloon flight in Flanders
Balloon flight in Flanders

Balloon flight in Flanders:  

The experience 

Fly and enjoy the view. That is what this hot air balloon flight is all about. Ascend in the morning or in the evening and see how the world below you awakes or goes to sleep. Enjoy the peace and quiet you experience during this hot air balloon experience.

Vital information 

If you have any questions or doubts about the balloon flight, and if  you are unsure whether this experience is suitable due to certain circumstances, then you can call our customer service. They will take your questions into consideration.

The weather 

This balloon flight is dependent on the weather conditions. In the event of a bad weather forecast, you will be contacted and informed if the balloon flight will continue or not.

Session length 

Each flight takes at least one hour, the whole experience lasts about three hours.


This ticket is valid for one person. You will share the flight with 6 other persons. 


Spectators are welcome and can watch a part of the balloon flight experience.

What to wear 

The dress code is only an advice. We advise you to wear sporty / easy clothing. 


This balloon flight is all year available. 


Regions in Flanders, Belgium.

Code : BE00112

Balloon flight in Flanders:

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Balloon flight in Flanders: Reviews

Average review
8.4 / 10

Magnifique !
Même si on prend peur lorsqu'on commence à prendre de l'altitude, les sensations sont très intenses, et bien sûr les paysages MAGNIFIQUES.
Un excellent cadeau.
Francois D.
10 / 10

Dans les nuages
Une expérience magique qu'on on m'a offert pour mon anniversaire, un rêve de gamin et je n'ai pas été décu. Superbe
Olivier G.
9 / 10

We hebben een mooie vlucht gehad. Het is ongelofelijk rustgevend boven in de lucht, en het uitzicht is prachtig!
Roel B.
8 / 10

L'accomplissement d'un rêve
Une expérience vraiment incroyable, 3 ans que je voulais le faire, on me l'a offert et je ne l'ai pas regretté.
9 / 10

Heel leuk
Dit was een hele leuke ervaring. Het is leuk om alles zo van boven te zien. Kortom: een geweldige ervaring!
7 / 10

Une expérience incroyable à bord d'une montgolfière
C'est une expérience unique à faire au moins une fois dans sa vie !
8 / 10

Un vol magique
Une escapade vraiment unique à couper le souffle surtout avec ce temps magnifique que nous avons avons eu lors du vol en montgolfière !
8 / 10

Balloon flight in Flanders: Review

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Balloon flight in Flanders: Availability

Balloon flight in Flanders: Fascinating Facts

The hot air balloon was invented in 1783 by the brothers Montgolfier. The balloon was made of cloth and lined with white paper. The hot air balloon was unmanned and reached a distance of 2 km during its first flight.

Later in 1783 the first balloon with passengers was sent into the air. These passengers consisted of a sheep, cock and duck and left from Versailles. The flight lasted 8 minutes and reached a maximum height of 500 meters.

After the sheep, the rooster and the duck landed safely, Louis XVI seemed to have a good idea to send the first human passengers into the air. He chose two prisoners sentenced to death and if they survived he would give them pardon. In the event of a fatal outcome, they would still receive their deserved punishment. But not everyone agreed with this. The nobles did not want that if the attempt would succeed, these two criminals as heroes would go down in history. Eventually it was decided to send the scientist François Pilâtre de Rozier and marquis d'Arlande into the air. This flight was successful and the first manned balloon flight was a fact.

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  • Our Price $193.60
  • Quantity:
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