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Aerobatic Plane Ride

Aerobatic Plane Ride

About this experience

The Experience: This is your chance to experience an ultimate aerobatic plane ride in a Stearman biplane. Before your ride you will be provided with a safety parachute to wear, given a briefing and strapped securely into the plane seat. Your ride begins with a climb to an altitude above 3000 feet, hold tight as you spin towards the ground pulling sharply into a loop, followed by a roll and a hammer head stall. The ride continues with a series of rolls, wing overs and a full Cuban 8.

What's included

The main focus of this ride is your complete enjoyment so the intensity level can be modified to suit you.  Don't forget to check out the amazing views below during the ride.

Additional information

The maximum weight of participants is 300 pounds. The seat in the plane is adjustable in height. Please arrive at the airport no later than 15 minutes before your scheduled flight time. There are a number of reasons your aerobatic plane ride may be cancelled due to the weather. You will not be taken up on a day where you will not be thrilled with your flight or if it is unsafe to fly. The pilot has the authority to cancel, change, or shorten a flight due to weather or other variables. If the flight is cancelled due to inclement weather we will gladly reschedule your flight for the next best date. The plane ride will last for 30 minutes. We expect you to be at the venue for around 1 hour. This voucher is valid for one person to enjoy an ultimate aerobatic ride. Aircrafts seat the pilot plus one passenger at a time. Spectators are more than welcome to come and watch as you roll through the air. Anyone attending will be able to view the aircraft taking off and landing as well as some of the flying, depending on the nature of the ride and how far we are venturing out for the day. Chairs are available for anyone who is waiting at the hangar area and there is a climate controlled lounge area at the airport office with restroom facilities and snack machines. Also there will be photo opportunities before and after the flight with the aircraft so don't forget your camera. It is always a good idea to bring a jacket. It really depends on the season of the year however and the weather for the day.  During the summer months a short sleeve shirt is comfortable, but most other times it is best to wear a jacket to be comfortable.  Some may also prefer to wear some light gloves. Comfortable shoes such as sneakers make climbing in and out much easier than high heels also! And also wearing sun glasses is helpful to protect your eyes from the wind and of course, the sun! You will be provided with a cloth helmet with earphones to wear during the ride so no additional headgear is required. Flight dates and times are revised by schedules. We will take your date request and check availability.

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