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Football Club Commemorative Book

International experience : United Kingdom
You are looking for a wonderful insight into a favourite team: their history, the high and lows, the inside stories, the gossip? This book is the perfect gift for every person who is a huge football fan!
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Football Club Commemorative Book
Football Club Commemorative Book
Football Club Commemorative Book
Football Club Commemorative Book

Football Club Commemorative Book:  

The Experience

They are not written text book fashion by an author looking back into history, but by reporters who witnessed the games and events as they unfolded, and written in a language of the time, in an entertaining and informative newspaper style.

Individually handmade books.
Hardback premium leatherette cover
Approximately tabloid sized. 38cm x 31 cm
Cover embossed with gold lettering personalised with the word “Researched for and presented to (name of the recipient)". The recipients name can be up to 22 characters. 

Clubs available

Available football clubs include:  Arsenal, Aston Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton, Charlton, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Everton, Fulham, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Man City, Manchester United, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Norwich, Portsmouth, Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham (Spurs), West Bromwich, West Ham, Wolves. 

Purchase and Dispatch Information

Once you have ordered the sport book product, you will be asked to fill in the name of the person the sport book is for (22 characters/space maxi), on the occasion of, greetings (optional 20 words max).
This information will feature on the Certificate of Reproduction of the book, and the name of the recipient will also appear on the cover of the book, embossed with gold lettering.
It will then take ten working days from receipt of the order before you get the sports book delivered to you.
Please note the selling price includes the £4.95 standard post shipping cost required to send you this beautiful book.


Football Club Commemorative Book:

Football Club Commemorative Book: Availability

Football Club Commemorative Book: Fascinating Facts

Football is the name given to a number of different team sports. The most popular of these are Association football (also known as soccer), Rugby football (Rugby union and Rugby league), American football (also known as ameriball), Australian rules football, Gaelic football, and Canadian football.
When the English language word "football" originated, it referred to a wide variety of games in medieval Europe, which were played on foot — that is, by peasants — as opposed to the games played by horse-riding aristocrats. Therefore the name has always implied a variety of games played by people on foot, not just those that involved kicking a ball.
All football games involve scoring points with a spherical or ellipsoidal ball (itself called a football), by moving the ball into, onto, or over a goal area or line defended by the opposing team. Many of the modern games have their origins in England, but — since ancient times — many peoples around the world have played games which involved kicking and/or carrying a ball.
The object of all football games is to advance the ball by kicking, running with, or passing and catching, either to the opponent's end of the field where points or goals can be scored by, depending on the game, putting the ball across the goal line between posts and under a crossbar, putting the ball between upright posts (and possibly over a crossbar), or advancing the ball across the opponent's goal line while maintaining possession of the ball.
In all football games, the winning team is the one that has the most points or goals when a specified length of time has elapsed.

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Delivery takes approximately 2 weeks! Please note the selling price includes the standard shipping cost.

  • Our Price $64.07
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