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Microlighting 60 Minutes - UK wide

International experience : United Kingdom
Take to the skies in these incredible flying machines. This experience allows you or the gift recipient to choose from lots of locations across the UK.
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Microlighting 60 Minutes - UK wide
Microlighting 60 Minutes - UK wide
Microlighting 60 Minutes
Microlighting 60 Minutes - UK wide
Microlighting 60 Minutes - UK wide

Microlighting 60 Minutes - UK wide:  


Your Experience

Microlights bring back that wonderful lost magic of the early pioneering days of flying and you're certain to fall in love with these thrilling and eccentric aircrafts. You'll have a pre-flight briefing with your instructor who will take you through safety and what to expect. You'll then take to the skies and take the controls yourself and discover the absolute freedom of flying. Following your landing you'll have a short de-brief and a certificate presentation. As with all flying experiences you will need to call a weather-check line on the day before, or on the morning of your flight. If the weather is unsuitable then you can reschedule your flight for another time.

Vital Information

The maximum weight is 14 to 16 stone depending on the location. The minimum age is 10 to 14 which is also dependent on the location. Under 18s must be accompanied to the venue by an adult and must have a disclaimer form signed by a parent or guardian.

The Weather

Microlighting is a weather dependent activity and it is crucial that you call the centre for a weather check before setting out. If your flight is cancelled due to the weather it will be re-booked for an alternative date.

Session Length

Your flight will last for approximately 60 minutes.


Your briefing may be shared, however your flight will be held on a one-to-one basis with a qualified pilot.


Spectators are welcome to come along and watch you take off and land. Please feel free to bring a camera and binoculars.

What To Wear

Most microlights have open cockpits, so please dress warmly. Sunglasses are recommended all year round.


We recommend booking at least three weeks in advance, even earlier for summer weekends.


Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Merseyside, Northamptonshire, Northumberland, Warwickshire, York.

Other information

Your flying time can count towards a Private Pilot's Licence for microlights. If you have ever wanted to be a pilot, then this is a great way to get started. Please be aware that this is quite a high adrenaline experience, not for the faint hearted.

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Microlighting 60 Minutes - UK wide:

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Microlighting 60 Minutes - UK wide: Fascinating Facts

The history of microlighting contains many heroes whose exploits have been recorded by the British Microlight Aircraft Association. Men like General Resnier of Goue, who in 1806 at the age of 77 became the world's first hang glider pilot by launching himself from the ramparts of Angouleme, some 250 ft above the River Charente. His first flight rewarded him with a ducking and his second with a broken leg, but the point had been made. Over 150 years later, on 4 July 1969, a more successful demonstration of microlighting took place when Bill Bennet glided for a long time around the Statue of Liberty and landed at the foot of the statue. The symbolism of this historic flight was not lost on enthusiasts, who realised that they had gained independence in the skies. Finally in the '90s German pilots broke the microlight speed record at 165 mph, and a distance without landing record of 645 miles. And now it's your turn as you follow those intrepid pilots in one of two types of modern microlight. It might be a 'flexwing', originally conceived from the delta wing hang gliders. Now this manoeuvrable craft offers impressive performance and the sensation of the air on your face as you pilot it. Or it might be a 'three axis' or fixed wing microlight which is very similar to a conventional plane. Whichever it is, you'll share the exhilaration felt by those past heroes.

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Microlighting 60 Minutes - UK wide: Restrictions

This experience from March to October, starting at 9am or 12am. Wear sensible leisure clothes and flat shoes.
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  • Our Price $198.71
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