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Imagine running through the woods, hiding in full sized replica villages, crossing bridges and forts and going head to head in high speed ball arenas. At the Paintballing Half day experience you will be supplied with everything you need for all your paintballing needs and given a full safety briefing by a top professional. Once you are all kitted out it’s time to play! Work as a team using tactics and strategy to defeat the opposition and make it safely back to base.
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How is it paint ball played?? Two teams pit their wits against each other, planning their strategies and trying to out-think and out-flank the opposition. The day is played over various game scenarios, in mixed woodland with many sites offering undulating terrain, purpose built forts, bridge, towers, villages, mazes and speed ball arenas.

Just imagine the sheer excitement of moving through the woods and undergrowth searching for the oppositions HQ, deep within enemy territory. You hold your breath and listen hard, but all you can hear is your heart pounding and the rasping breathing of your team-mates. You feel so alive, adrenaline surging through your body, when suddenly ahead you see the dark images of the opposing team, what you should do? There's a shout and you open fire! Calling to your colleagues for cover, you mount an attack on the flag position, trusting on teamwork to win the day. But with losses already and only limited ammunition, will you have the resources to take out the enemy and safely return to your base camp?

Vital Information

The minimum age for paint ball in the United Kingdom is 12 years old. Unfortunately, this stipulation is not flexible because it’s an insurance regulation. All players under 16 years of age need written parental consent to go paint balling.

Dress Code

You are going to be running around in the woods for a few hours so expect to get dirty! Old clothes and trainers or walking boots are recommended. We provide overalls but it can be muddy so we advise against wearing your Sunday best!

Session Length

You can choose between the morning session (10.00am to 12.30pm) or the afternoon session (1.00pm to 3.30pm).


65 locations in the UK. 


Unfortunately it is not possible to bring spectators to this event.


This paintballing experience takes place throughout the whole year.

Other Information

It may be possible that you have to pay a deposit of £10 in advance (depending on the venue). Please ring up your chosen venue prior to check.

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Professional, semi-professional, and divisional leagues regularly hold high-class, well-organized tournaments involving a large number of professional teams, crowds of spectators, and large cash prizes. Though most of the major leagues are based in the United States, many leagues in Europe have become powerhouses in their own right, drawing thousands of spectators at every event.

Old School Challenge offers Pump and stock play on a national level. Pump or stock class play was the origins of paintball. Each ball had to be manually pumped into the chamber. Since 2001 pump play and old school style paintball is a fast growing part of paintball. The OSC Pump League is the largest of its kind in the world today.

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Paint Ball UK: Restrictions

This experience runs year round with two different sessions. Wear sensible leisure clothes and flat shoes. A towel and a change of clothing is advisable.

  • Our Price$45.49
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