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Parachute Jump North West

International experience : United Kingdom
Jump from approximately 4,000 feet from a plane using a static line that will enable the parachute deploy automatically. This is a perfect experience for a first sky dive and is a great step towards becoming a skydiver.
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Parachute Jump North West:  


The Experience

This is your chance to try a Parachute Jump in the North West of England. With this static line that is attached to the aircraft you will experience the parachute jump from approx 4,000ft. The parachute will open automatically as you fall away from the aircraft.
As you progress through the RAPS system, you will move on to freefall, gradually jumping from higher and higher altitudes.

Our Static-line first jump course consists of a structured series of class lectures and practical work. At the end of it, you will take a written test and be ready to make the jump.
 Familiarisation to the drop zone
 Understanding the equipment 
 Basic body position
 Aircraft drills and emergency procedures
 Canopy control and flight drills
 Canopy emergency procedures
 Abnormal landings
 Written confirmation test

Vital Information

Unfortunately some restrictions apply to skydiving; the venue will reserve the right to refuse anyone that they believe is unfit or unsuitable for RAPS. We will ask you your age, height and weight. These restrictions exist for your own safety and for that of our instructors.
The minimum age is 16 years old and under 18 must provide us with a parental consent. The maximum height will be 15 stone subject to BMI, you may provide us a medical consent if you are 40 or older, or if you have any medical problems.

The Weather

Your training will start normally as this is not weather dependent. A decision on the suitability of the weather conditions will be made once all the training has been completed.

Session Length

The ground training takes up most of the day. Ideally the student will complete their first skydive on the same day, however this is not always possible due to adverse weather conditions, perhaps the student is tired or perhaps there is simply not enough daylight as the actual length of the course will depend on the size and ability of a class.


This voucher entitles just one person to enjoy the experience but you will share the training with up to 12 people.


Spectators are not allowed at this experience.

Dress Code

You will need to wear warm, comfortable clothing, a good pair of training shoes or boots


This experience is available during the weekends but weekday experiences can be arranged.


Lincolnshire, North West England

Code : P03059

Parachute Jump North West:

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Parachute Jump North West: Restrictions

 Students must be 16 years old or above

Students between the ages of 16 - 18 require parents consent

Students under the age of 40 are required to sign a self-certification of fitness

Students over 40 must complete a medical certificate, this is to be signed & stamped by their doctor

15 Stone Maximum

  • Our Price$384.49
  • Quantity:
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