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Pole Dancing Party

International experience : United Kingdom
This experience is just the perfect way to make a memorable hen or birthday celebration, or a girlie session. Enjoy a funny and sporty day with your friends!
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Pole Dance Group Party for 8 - UK Wide
Pole Dance Group Party for 8 - UK Wide
Pole Dancing Party
Pole Dancing Party
Pole Dancing Party

Pole Dancing Party:  

The Experience
Your pole dancing party entitles a group of eight girls to a two hours pole and lap dance group tuition.
This experience includes:
· Warm up
· The pole
· Lap dance
· Final stage performance and certificate presentation
· Warm down
We'll start off with an energising warm up to loosen up those muscles then on to the fun!
In the pole section, you will be taught ways on how to build your confidence on stage, deportment and posture, body language. You'll become a whiz on the pole performing eye-catching tricks and sexy moves.
In the lap dance section, you will be taught tantalising moves and grooves along with the etiquette of seduction. By the end of the course you will feel confident enough to take the moves home with you to impress your partner and even Spice up your bedroom!
At the end of the session, each participant will perform their own routine on the poles, showing off all the sassy tricks learnt and all participants will receive a certificate of commendation.
Last but not least finishing off with a relaxing warm down.

Vital information
No vital information for this experience.
Please contact 1 week prior to your session to reconfirm your Date, Time, Final numbers and Venue details.

Session length: 
2 hours.

Only the group members are allowed in, spectators are not allowed to avoid distraction.

What To Wear
You will need to be able to grip the pole using your bare arms and legs.
Required clothes:
 - Trainers for warm up and warm down,
 - High heeled shoes/ boots for dancing,
 - Comfortable clothing such as shorts and vest,
 - Knee pads are also useful for floor work.

Don't forget to bring a pair or high heels or boots to get a real feel of the day! If your not comfortable wearing heels and/ or shorts it is ok to bring alternatives such as flat shoes/ trainers and/ or leggings.


These sessions are available on Saturdays all along the year.
Time slots available for hen/ birthday/ girlie bookings are
10:00am  – 12:00pm
12:00pm – 2:00pm
2:00pm – 4:00pm
4:00pm – 6:00pm

Other information
Although we provide a selection of music, please feel free to bring any CD's along with you.
The bar will be open during your session, for you and your party to purchase drinks.
Extra Participant
The price per extra participant is


Pole Dancing Party:

Pole Dancing Party: Availability

Pole Dancing Party: Fascinating Facts

The Pole

Standard Poles The standard dance pole typically consists of a hollow, steel or brass pole running from floor to ceiling. The diameter is usually around 2 inches, allowing it to be gripped comfortably with one hand.

Home versions are available which may be used for practice or aerobic exercise. Materials include polished stainless steel, chromed steel, and brass. Each material allows for different gripping ability. Polished steel is one of the slickest materials, which provides for a faster, more fluid dance; brass poles provide more friction, allowing for an easier hold with hands or thighs and creating a slow, sensual dance style.

Poles are held in place by using threading to brace them against a ceiling joist. Stationary and rotating versions are available.

Show Poles There are now poles available for use in clubs that provide amazing visual effects, though they cannot support the weight of a pole dancer. These poles are made with clear plastics and contain water, glitter, and special reflective materials which provide amazing effects when used in conjunction with strobe lighting, as well as lighting hidden in their base joists.

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Pole Dancing Party: Restrictions

Minimum Age: 18 Please contact Polecatz UK 1 week prior to your session to reconfirm your Date, Time, Final numbers and Venue details

  • Our Price $271.82
  • Quantity:
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