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Secret Agent Introduction

International experience : United Kingdom
Enjoy half a day of being a Secret Agent
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Spy Introduction
Spy Introduction
Secret Agent Introduction
Secret Agent Introduction
Secret Agent Introduction

Secret Agent Introduction:  

The Experience

Have you ever been intrigued by the world of espionage...? Do you think you would make a good international agent? Then this is the experience for you!
Learn some essential skill required to conduct a secret agent operation, such as gaining knowledge in specialist spy equipment including covert cameras and radios, bugs and listening devices.
Having been taught how to use a pistol, the Secret Agent's personal weapon, your skills will be put to the test with quick-draw techniques and contact drills. Approach and advance through the Close Quarter Battle area with caution, apply precision shooting trough the powerful telescopic sight of the sniper rifle, and test your expertise at axe throwing.
A harmless shoot-out with the hi-tech laser combat system is utilized to practise  "fire and manoeuvre" and gets that adrenaline pumping. When the bombs and bullets run out our instruction on unarmed combat techniques will prove useful when cornered by enemy agents!... 

Vital information

Minimum age is 16. Parental consent is required for under 18s.  You must be reasonably physically fit. This experience is not suitable for people with disabilities, although hearing-impaired participants are welcome.

The weather

This is an all-weather experience. All activities take place outdoors, so if it is raining you will get wet; please dress accordingly.

Session length

Your experience will last for around three hours. Please report 30 minutes earlier to ensure a prompt start.


There will be a maximum of 40 people taking part, split into smaller groups of six for the activities. All instructors are highly experienced in carrying out surveillance operations across the globe, and will be on hand throughout to help and assist.


Spectators are welcome.

What To Wear

Dress for the weather and wrap up well in winter - all activities take place outdoors. Wear flat shoes; walking boots or trainers are ideal. Safety helmets and eye protection will be provided. Changing facilities are available.


The experience runs from April through to November on specific weekend dates.

Other information

Participants are required to sign a disclaimer before taking part. The venue has great facilities, including fire marshals.


Hempstead, Staffordshire and Buckingham

Code : SEC-SPY

Secret Agent Introduction:

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Secret Agent Introduction: Fascinating Facts

Spying is often quoted as being the second oldest business in the world. The Bible makes over 100 references to spies and intelligence gathering. Sun Tzu wrote his famous book 'The Art of War' around 500BC, which includes advice on intelligence networks. The word 'eavesdropping' derived from the Middle Ages when spies would listen at the eaves of houses, gathering news of any plot before it happened. In the sixteenth century Queen Elizabeth I created her own 'secret service', overseen by Francis Walsingham, the most ruthless spymaster of them all. Thanks to his spies the plot to replace Elizabeth with Mary, Queen of Scots was discovered. Over the next few centuries, spy networks became official structures for political and military intelligence, using polyalphabetic ciphers as codes. In the nineteenth century photography and telegraphy became import secret tools and by the First World War (1914-1918), morse code played a vital part in secure communications. Spying techniques were radically improved during the Russian Revolution with the appearance of a secret police force which eventually became the KGB and an Englishman, Sidney Reilly became the first 'modern' spy. Indeed Ian Fleming, who partly based James Bond on him, called him 'the Ace of Spies'. Today, the popular image of spies is James Bond 007, but the real world is far less glamorous.

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Secret Agent Introduction: Restrictions

Minimum age is 16. Parental consent is required for under 18s. You must be reasonably physically fit. This experience is not suitable for people with disabilities, although hearing-impaired participants are welcome.
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  • Our Price $174.57
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