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Tandem Skydiving - Neudorf, Switzerland

International experience : Switzerland
Soar through the sky with this tandem skydiving experience and enjoy the feeling of boundless freedom. Spend an unforgettable day on which you will first be taken to a height of 4000m, to then take the plunge and free fall back until your parachute is released, then you will feel the solid ground underneath your feet again!
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Tandem Skydiving - Neudorf, Switzerland
Tandem Skydiving - Neudorf, Switzerland
Tandem Skydiving - Neudorf, Switzerland
Tandem Skydiving - Neudorf, Switzerland
Tandem Skydiving - Neudorf, Switzerland

Tandem Skydiving - Neudorf, Switzerland:  

The Experience

Make your dream come through with this tandem skydive experience! Do you dare to jump from a plane at 4000m altitude? During your experience, you will be  accompanied by a tandem instructor who will take you safely back to Earth. Your tandem skydiving experience begins when our tandem instructor shows you the equipment and gives you a short briefing about skydiving and the equipment.

The instructor will then show you the correct positions to free fall. You will practice this position first and the instructor will make sure you understand everything before you go in the plane. After the briefing and practice, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Lucerne from the airplane for 20 minutes. Then it's time to jump!

After about 45 seconds, the main parachute opens and you will fly with a modern parachute for approximately 8 minutes, before slowly and surely landing back on the airfield again. You are also allowed to control the parachute yourself, weather and conditions permitting, to feel what it's like.

Vital Information

The maximum weight this tandem skydive experience is 100kg. You don't need to be an experienced skydiver but you should be in a good physical condition. Under 18's require parental consent.

The Weather

The tandem skydive experience only takes place during optimal wind and weather conditions. On the evening before your booking, contact the location to ask for a weather check.

Session Length

The tandem skydiving experience lasts for approximately half a day including briefing and the actual skydive.


This tandem skydive is for one person; an instructor will accompany you during the jump and briefings are likely to be shared.


Spectators are welcome to view this experience, don't forget a camera!

What To Wear

For your experience, you should wear comfortable clothing with trainers. Do not wear high heels or heavy shoes as this may be dangerous during landing and jumping. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, this will not cause a problem during your jump.


Tandem Skydiving in Neudorf, Switzerland operates from April - October. Please contact us for availability.


Neudorf, Switzerland
Code : CH0120

Tandem Skydiving - Neudorf, Switzerland:

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Tandem Skydiving - Neudorf, Switzerland: Availability

We offer tandem jumps from
- 29 March to 26 of October 2010.
- 31 May to 14 September 2010

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  • Our Price $496.03
  • Quantity:
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